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We currently run more than 80 different After School Clubs in primary schools each week. The clubs are tailored to the needs of the school, parents and children. They range from gymnastics and athletics to tag rugby and football - and everything in between. 

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We organise the administration and delivery of the clubs from start to finish. We present the idea of the club to the children and they take letters home in order to sign up. We create registers and share them with the school.

The sessions are fast paced and fun. There is more of a game-sensed approach in our KS2 After School Clubs, so that the children that are taking part can learn the fundamental skills, tactics and rules of sports. However, they're still extremely accessible for all standards as the coach differentiates each session to engage every child attending. 

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Our online booking system takes the stress away from organising after school activities for your child. 

Simply click the buttons below to be taken to our bookings page, where you'll find a host of exciting clubs at your school or a school near you, or to request more information about our after school clubs.

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