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Breakfast club bookings

We have changed our booking site so that you are now able to book by each school term. We hope that this will help you plan your bookings throughout the school year.

Breakfast clubs are important to primary schools as they provide an alternative option to parents in the morning.


Our breakfast clubs take the stress away from the school, as we organise all of the administration and delivery.


Parents can sign up weeks in advance, safe in the knowledge that their child will receive a healthy and nutritious breakfast, along with an energising and active start to the day through the games and activities that our qualified coaches provide. 

If you are paying with Childcare Vouchers at one of our OFSTED registered venues, please can you notify your provider with the school and booking reference, so that we can more easily reconcile your payments.

Our Breakfast Clubs are listed below, click on your school's button to book.

If you need any assistance, contact our team

Our site mobile numbers are as follows.  Please only contact our coaches on these numbers during your booked session.-

Bridge Farm School - 07947 186652

Court De Wyck – 07494 137 447

Hillcrest Primary – 07498935801

St Francis Primary – 07498935810

St Nicholas Chantry School - 07506 114128

Tickenham School - 07950 459752

Trinity School - 07950 459872

Late booking Charge

Any bookings made after the online cut off time has passed will be charged a £3.00 administration fee.

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