Hillcrest Primary School – Wrap Around Care – Term 4

Venue: Hillcrest Primary School
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Mon 19th Feb '24 -
Wed 27th Mar '24


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Our Wrap Around Care is a childcare facility that offers children a wide range of fun engaging activities. The club is a safe, friendly and secured environment coached by trained coaches meeting all Ofsted, safeguarding and first aid requirements.

Each day will have all the traditional elements of our wrap around care – pulse raising exercise, quiet places to read, outdoor activities, board games to play, craft to create and tasty snacks to eat. Additional to this each day will have an exciting focus activity – our coaches are busy working on this over the holidays so keep your eyes peeled for this announcement!

Depending on their age/year group, your children will either walk down to the club or will be brought down by their teacher. Once we’ve registered the children, they will be given the option to take part in an active session (sport outside, gymnastics in the hall, playing on the field, etc) or a quieter session inside the hall (board games, painting, craft, puzzles, etc). We’ll then stop for a healthy snack and a bit of quiet time. Then it’s back to activities. Children will have freedom to try something active or something quiet – and if they’re feeling particularly energetic or tired from a long day, we can adjust things for them.

Early Years Key Worker
Within the team we have an Early Years Key Worker who is responsible for ensuring the safety, welfare and engagement of all of our reception children. If you wish to speak with the Key Worker regarding your child, please do speak with the Lead Coach who can advise you of who your child’s Key Worker is.

Pickup/Drop-off Location

Children’s arrival to our Wrap Around Care clubs are as follows: KS1 children are walked to the club by teachers; KS2 walk themselves to the club where they’ll be greeted by our coaches and a register ready to sign them in.

Our Wrap Around Care pick up location is from the main school gates. If we’re not outside, please use the intercom, and then walk down to small hall side door.

Late Booking Fee

Any bookings made after the online cut off time has passed will be charged a £3.00 administration fee.

Late Pick Up Charge

Please note that we have a late pick up charge. If you are late picking your child up, outside of your booked ticket time, you will incur a £5 charge for the first 15 minutes and then £10 for every quarter of an hour after that.

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