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Easter - North Somerset HAF funded Holiday Club Places

If you children have access to benefit-funded free school meals - NOT UNIVERSAL FREE SCHOOL MEALSthen they are entitled to sign up for 16 days of holiday club places for free during the Summer Holidays! 

We are only able to accept children who have started school (they must be in Reception to go to our clubs) aged 4 and above, to the summer at the end of Year 6. Unfortunately, if your child has not started school, they are unable to attend our clubs.  

Please select your chosen venue (under the Holiday Club you wish to book) to be taken to our booking system. If you have more than one child that has access to benefit funded free school meals please create 2 separate bookings.​ To book, follow the on-screen options to add the details of your child. 

Your child does NOT need to attend the school to go to our clubs, but they must access benefit funded free school meals in North Somerset.

A packed lunch will be provided to your child so please let us know if there are any particular dietary requirements on your booking form. The sandwich options for the provided packed lunch are either Cheese Sandwich or Ham Sandwich, please select your preferred option in the Menu Options. If you would like to send your child with a packed lunch instead, that it completely fine, please simply specify in the menu options as this will assist us in minimizing food waste.

Please send your child with a drink (ideally a refillable water bottle) to keep hydrated.

Please arrive at the school on the day at 9am and sign in with our Head Coach. The day ends at 3:30pm


Our site mobile numbers are as follows:

Crockerne Primary School - 07506 114128

Mary Elton School - 07935 526184

Trinity School - 07880 324731

The Campus (Herons Moor) - 07880 324190

Behaviour Expectations

Children must follow our behaviour expectations at all times. Children who do not adhere to these expectations, will be unable to attend. Our policy is displayed at our Holiday Clubs.


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