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Celebrating ALL of sport and PE

When we talk about the power of The Olympics, school sports days, rugby on a Sunday morning and every other positive thing about sport, we always think of the passion, the pride, the culture, the team building, the friendships, the rivalries, the bravery, the honour and the commitment.

But often during school PE lessons and clubs, it has been the tradition to focus only on the physical outcomes. We only feel successful when we score a goal, catch a ball, hit a target, throw a javelin. The physical side of PE is obviously massively important, but when we only focus on the physical side, we can sometimes neglect the social and emotional side.

At Future Stars we make a massive effort to celebrate the social and emotional/mental side of sport and PE too.

So rather than making each lesson just about kicking the ball far or catching the bean bag in two hands, we’ll be making the lesson about passion, working with friends, overcoming challenges, dealing with setbacks and perseverance.

That way every child can access the lesson and find success. If they’re unable to score a goal, then they can still show perseverance. If they can’t yet catch the ball with one hand, they can show passion and pride when a team mate is able to do it.

We feel this approach can really showcase the power of sport and will include everyone so that they can access healthy pastimes and recreation throughout their lives.

Seeing success during their clubs and lessons will give children a sense of accomplishment and pride - showing them that they belong in an environment that is healthy and fun.

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