Rethinking Fitness in Primary Schools

We asked Mike Weeks to give us his thoughts on fitness in Primary Schools.

Mike is the creator and owner of GymRun and Fitness Rainbow, two ground breaking ideas that aim to create positive relationships towards fitness and wellbeing for primary school aged children.

"Fitter children engage more positively in sport and physical activity. Building fitter futures for all children by the age of eleven will better prepare them for the challenges of the senior school PE and sports curriculum. More importantly it will develop their life skills."

Five Fitness Outcomes

"By the age of 11, children should be able to move with speed and accuracy, engage their core muscles, support their own bodyweight, squat and jump, and run for five minutes without stopping. These five fitness outcomes are realistic.

"We need to build awareness of the progress children are making towards these five fitness outcomes with all stakeholders - children, teachers and parents, school leaders, inspectors and policy makers - to ensure future provision is effective.

"Recent ukactive policy calls to ‘rollout fitness measurement programmes for primary school children that are conducted in a way that is fun and enjoyable for kids, easy to implement and welcomed by parents."

Future Stars are proud to have built a partnership with Mike and his projects - and we are looking forward to showing you more about them over the next few weeks through these blog posts.

If you'd like more information in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can look at ways to BUILD FITTER FUTURES together.

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