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The Big Competition Debate?

Today we were lucky enough to support the South Glos PE Association's annual Tag Rugby Tournament at Aretians RFC.

Before the first match started, Kim Hazeldine (chair of the PE Association) carefully laid out the gold medals and a trophy that were to be awarded to the winning school. Next to the gold medals he placed a dozen silver medals. Children gathered around the table. They seemed to already understand the concept of the gold medals, but they wanted to know how they could win the silver medals. "Does everyone get one for competing?" "Does the winner of the group stage get a silver medal?" "Can I have a silver medal, please?"

With so many different children, parents and opinions to cater for, it's often difficult to please everyone when it comes to competitive sport in primary schools.

One question that has plagued the minds of competition organisers is:

Who deserves a medal?

Who do you think deserves a medal? Everyone that has taken part - or the children that have beaten all other competitors?

There are arguments for both sides of the coin. At Future Stars we tend to work on a case-by-case basis, taking in to account the age, ability and maturity of the competitors.

But what do you think?

Do you think all children should get a medal regardless of where they came in the race?

Or does that take away from the whole idea of competition?

Who is the real winner? The child who scored the most points or the child who has overcome massive adversity to make it to the starting line in the first place?

A little food for thought... : )

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