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Back to School

September has arrived and it's brought a lot of new things with it: a new month, new stationary, new shoes, new bag, new teacher, new friends, new classroom.

On top of that, there's also the return to The Routine (not the Ross and Monica one - the necessary Back-To-School one) as we start facing the early mornings and all the chaos they bring!

We can guarantee that almost every child will have some adrenaline coursing through them on Sunday night, whether that's because they're going back to school to start a new year, or going to start school for the first time. They're bound to feel this - they're human. They'll be excited to see their friends again whilst battling some nerves as they wonder what they'll face in a new, grown up year, with harder work and a different teacher to teach it.

So because of this, we've compiled a list to help children feel that little bit more comfortable about returning to their past life, pre-suntan and late, sunny evenings.


Perhaps it's worth preparing lunch boxes (or at the very least, school bags and uniforms), the night before as you get ready for the first day back. While you're at it, may be get your own bits ready as it'll save precious time when you're rushing out the door.


It's worth talking about the routine with your child so they know what to expect come Manic Monday. Hopefully, if you explain to them what they will be doing and when, you'll have a more cooperative child and a more relaxed morning! Discussing the structure of the school day will remind them of what to expect when they go back.


There's a phenomenon all children find hard to understand - that mummy and daddy were children themselves once! Talking about your own (positive) experiences about school to your child will encourage them to think positively about their own memories and expectations. And if you did face any problems, tell them how you overcame them.


Asking questions about their thoughts and feelings about school - such as what they like about it or what they're looking forward to, should help them to pick out the fun aspects of school and shows your interest in their opinion.


Particularly with new starters, school brings a lot of new words your little ones just may not have ever heard before. Discussing these words such as assembly, register - even headteacher or TA, will not only increase their understanding, but will also put your child at ease when they hear them throughout the day.

Everyone has their own way of organising their day and preparing for the new term, so however you choose to do it, we hope you have a calm morning and have some happy children this Monday.

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