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Wrap Around Care

Wrap Around Care. What does this mean exactly? And what kind of care does it provide?

At Future Stars, you will already know that we are a sports coaching company, but does this mean that the Wrap Around Care we provide is solely sports-based? Not at all.

Children are individuals and, not only that, have variables which will affect them day-to-day: whether it was a late night last night; feeling a bit run down with the latest illness going around school; or fit-to-burst with energy and bouncing off the walls!

This is why our Wrap Around Care clubs ensure we look after every child, and their current mood, as soon as they walk into the club. While we provide children with structured activities, our aim is to make children happy, so we ensure we have a child-lead focus to allow children to do what they want to do - within reason!.

Before and after school, the children are able to make the club their own by taking part in the activities they want to join in with. We almost always (weather permitting) run a team game or sports coaching session outside where children will learn some fundamental skills or become immersed in orienteering/invasion games to allow them to disperse a bit of energy!

On the other hand, if your child is feeling less energetic, they can take part in a quieter activity such as making crafts, cooking, dancing or playing board games. We also have a ‘Chill Zone’ where, if they wish, children can complete their homework, listen to music or read.

We also encourage children to be independent and want them to lead their pre and post-school activities as much as they can. If they want to help out with preparing the snacks, they can; if they’d like to play a game we haven’t set up yet, they can; if they would like to finish their homework, of course they can!

During Breakfast and After School Clubs, we actively ensure the food we provide is nutritious and fresh: we understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. At breakfast, children can choose from a variety of cereals, toast, fruits and yogurts, while our range of food during our After School Clubs is vast. We will make anything from soups and sandwiches to more hands on and build-your-own meals such as creating their own wraps and pizzas.

Our provision for children also runs throughout their school day. In some schools we work in, we have lunch clubs running where children can participate in games and competitions where children can apply fundamental skills vital in most sports games. Lunchtime Leaders Clubs have been established for children, and lead by children, to encourage those out in the playground to play a variety of games confidently. The Leaders running the club are ‘trained’ by us to make sure they know the rules and the skills required to play the games so that they can instruct their peers safely!

As you can see, we love the idea of children taking the lead in their learning and decision making, and fully support them to confidently take part in anything they want to do by coaching them step-by-step in the activities they choose to do. This is present throughout all aspects of our childcare provision: whether it’s in our PE lessons and curriculum planning, or in our Wrap Around Care.

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