Wrap Around Care

Our staff can’t wait to finish the day with your children in a friendly, fun and entertaining environment. From sports and craft sessions to cooking (eating!!) and board game tournaments – there’s something for everyone!


Our user friendly platform streamlines the process of booking and managing all of your activities, making it easier than ever to find, plan and book what you need!

Wrap Around Care

Each school venue has it’s own look, feel and personality – but they are joined together by the attention to detail from their staff, a spotlight on safety and their wonderful, engaging sessions.
Many of the children that once attended our clubs through child-care necessity now visit the clubs for entertainment, learning and an opportunity to be with friends.

Each venues offers a healthy snack option to keep the children going until pick up time – and the session gives all children access to sports, activities, games and quite spaces.

Food For Thought

We tailor the food choices to suit the children at each club. Our priority is to make sure the children have the best options available. Something filling enough to keep them going - but not so big that it ruins dinner at home with the family!


The Team

At each of our after-school venues we curate a team that not only nurtures the children (nothing better than a caring voice to calm things after a long day of learning) but also inspires them to take part in games and activities (great to have an energised coach to get the blood flowing with a game of tag!).

Childcare Vouchers

We've got tonnes of ways for you to pay for your childcare. Whether you use employer childcare voucher schemes, HMRC tax-free childcare, Universal Credit, or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we accept most forms of payment. Call our office for more information and we'll support your child care voucher registration.


A Massive Range of Activities

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