Our programmes are 100% tailor made to the schools we work with. We are fortunate enough to work with over 50 different primary schools across the South West, and not a single one of them replicates the work of another. Teachers, children, parents and senior staff all have different needs – so we pride ourselves on being able to take a completely bespoke approach to every different school.

That being said, if you like us to start with a framework rather than a blank canvas approach, we do have skeleton programs that we base out work around. From CPD and PPA to PE Coordination and Competition Support, we have a solution for every need of any primary school PE Department.

Wrap Around Clubs

Breakfast clubs...

After school clubs...

PPA Cover

Our PPA cover goes beyond the lesson.

Yes, our lessons offer outstanding outcomes, wide ranging differentiation, engaging competitions and an increased focus on personal and social development BUT, we go above and beyond to help the teacher to understand what is happening when we’re working in their absence.

We can offer additional services to compliment our PPA Cover, including end-of-term assessments, showing the teacher who we have seen as emerging, meeting age- related-expectations, exceeding and gifted & talented.We show the teacher what we were looking for when making our assessments and we support the teacher so that they can confidently deliver this information to parents via reports and parent’s evenings.


Teacher PE CPD

PE lessons are at the core of everything we do. It’s what got us started many years ago.

A solid PE lesson, where children can feel safe, confident and inspired to try new things, push boundaries and enjoy themselves is the foundation of a strong PE Department.

We offer teacher training, working along side your staff while they deliver their own PE lessons.This approach is a realistic solution to problem that teachers face today – a lack of time to deliver and a lack of time to prepare for delivery. Our tailored approach works with the teacher in a real-world setting to show them just how they can maximise their own resources, time and knowledge.

”Highdown has been part of Future Stars for a whole year now and under Karen’s leadership our Breakfast Clubs and Wrap Around Care have gone from strength to strength thanks to all her hard work and dedication. Thank you Karen for supporting us during this time and we look forward to a successful 2023.”

"Fantastic professional team who love what they do and genuinely care about all the children that they are looking after. Whether it's sports, arts & crafts or any other activity, they give 100% & the kids love it. Now being Ofsted registered it's brilliant for working parents to be able to use their vouchers."




Working with a group of children, teaching them games and ideas so that they can show them to other children during other lunch times.



Working with a group of pupils who struggle to engage with traditional lunch time play. Helping them to learn rules and structures, so that they are ready for afternoon learning.



Taking the school sports teams to hone their skills and prepare them for upcoming tournaments and matches.A great way to build team spirit!



Offering fun and active games for children to play at lunch times. The games give the children an opportunity to get active with a structure at lunch time.

Pupil Assessment

We have a unique assessment program that can be implemented in your school FOR or WITH your teachers so that they can better understand the needs of their pupils.

Developed over the last 7 years, our Pupil Assessment resource has seen success in multiple schools, giving teachers an opportunity to gather accurate reporting data. Our resources are easy to use and can be shared with our coaches and other agencies so that they can tailor lessons to best support the development of the children.

After School Sports Clubs

We offer a complete solution for after school clubs at the school. We create the club concept, promote the idea to the children and parents, we take all bookings and handle payments, we create registers and then coach the children and sign them back to parents at the end of the club.We handle everything at the club from start to finish.

We offer a wide variety of sports to keep the children engaged and now offer a Sports Zone payment plan for parents to spread the cost of the clubs over the whole year.

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