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school programmes

Our programmes are 100% tailor made to the schools we work with. We are fortunate enough to work with over 50 different primary schools across the South West, and not a single one of them replicates the work of another. Teachers, children, parents and senior staff all have different needs - so we pride ourselves on being able to take a completely bespoke approach to every different school. 

That being said, we do have skeleton programs that we base out work around. From CPD and PPA to PE Coordination and Competition Support, we have a solution for every need of any primary school PE Department. 


A termly PE newsletter

This termly newsletter that we have created for a handful of primary schools really exemplifies our vision for every school's PE Department. 

It offers communication to parents about the things their children are up to when it comes to PE and sport. It helps to build an active and healthy culture and shows just how seriously the school takes the health and wellbeing of its community. 

The feedback from parents who receive the newsletter is outstanding. 

The newsletter communicates many different facets of the PE Department, and highlights the support that Future Stars can offer the school and the PE Coordinator. 

"The power of communication... to all parents!"

"Full confidence and peace of mind for your school, knowing that everything in the PE Department is covered..."

THE Whole PE Department

Deliver a before-school intervention project to the most inactive children in order to increase their activity

CPD during teachers' lessons to increase the quality of PE

Audit the whole school's PE Department

Qualify the school for a SCHOOL GAMES MARK

Provide a full PE curriculum map and timetable for staff

PE promotion - blog posts that can be shared with everyone

Observation and assessment support

Club links - providing information to give pupils new pathways

Full scheme of work - support for teachers that need lesson plans

Lunch time leaders - building a team of pupils that can deliver active games for other pupils at lunch times. 

PE Department
Fitness Assessment

child fitness assessment

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Gymrun. Gymrun have created a programme 'GYMRUN COLOURS' that assesses your children in 5 areas of speed, power, core stability, stamina and strength. 

The children are then awarded coloured badges depending on their results. 

The data can be used to target key groups of children in order to tailor ideas to their needs. 

The badge colours represent more than a level of fitness. They are used to show the children that they are in control of their own fitness, health and wellbeing - and with hard work, they can change their colour and work towards the next level. 

As a school, the data is invaluable. It helps to monitor children's activity and engagement, and also shows the results of any intervention (or Sports Premium spending) that is used on them. 

PE Department Audit

"Clear and measurable assessment data."

"The nuts and bolts of your PE Department"

full audit of your pe

We work with you, your staff, your parents and your children to give you a real and honest understanding of your PE Department. Everything from your blue sky vision for a healthy future to the way your PE shed locks at night... 

Your vision for PE

Delivery of PE

Store cupboard and equipment

Scheme of work

Curriculum map

Assessment recording and reporting

Communication - to staff and parents

Leadership opportunities

Competitions - in house and out of school

PE intervention

Observation and assessment 

Enrichment activities

Club links

Lunch clubs

CPD opportunities - teacher confidence

Policies and procedures

Before and after school clubs

And much more.

PE Lessons - cpd

PE lessons are at the core of everything we do. It's what got us started many years ago. 

A solid PE lesson, where children can feel safe, confident and inspired to try new things, push boundaries and enjoy themsleves is the foundation of a strong PE Department.


We offer teacher training, working along side your staff while they deliver their own PE lessons. This approach is a realistic solution to problem that teachers face today - a lack of time to deliver and a lack of time to prepare for delivery. Our tailored approach works with the teacher in a real-world setting to show them just how they can maximise their own resources, time and knowledge. 

h and n.jpg

PPA - PE Lessons

Our PPA cover goes beyond the lesson. 

Yes, our lessons offer outstanding outcomes, wide ranging differentiation, engaging competitions and an increased focus on personal and social development - BUT,  we go above and beyond to help the teacher to understand what is going when we're taking their class away from them. 

We have end-of-term assessments, showing the teacher who we have seen as emerging, meeting age-related-expectations, exceeding and gifted & talented. We show the teacher what we were looking for when making our assessments and we support the teacher so that they can confidently deliver this information to parents via reports and parent's evenings. 

Lunch Time Support


Working with a group of children, teaching them games and ideas so that they can show them to other children during other lunch times.


Working with a group of pupils who struggle to engage with traditional lunch time play. Helping them to learn rules and structures, so that they are ready for afternoon learning.

lunch time support

Our lunch times have gone through a renaissance this year. We have worked closely with schools to understand their needs at lunch times... what works well for the children, how we can best 'calm' the pupils before the afternoon learning, how we can manage space with the dinner staff and how we can negotiate the queues for the dinner hall.

We have a host of ideas that suit every need:


Taking the school sports teams to hone their skills and prepare them for upcoming tournaments and matches. A great way to build team spirit! 


Offering fun and active games for children to play at lunch times. The games give the children an opportunity to get active with a structure at lunch time. 

To learn how we can help your school with sports education, get in touch with our team today.

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